Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer

A Georgette Heyer Regency romance. Fantastic. The writing is equally as good as other famous regency writers of that time (yes, Jane Austen, I'm looking at you) and this is no exception. There's also a bit of a murder mystery - although the murder happened before the novel begins.

This time the cast includes a dashing nearly-anti-hero, a dashingly reckless hero, a feisty heroine and a reckless young heroine. It jogs along beautifully, nicely paced with no horible surprises - actually not many surprises at all but that's not a bad thing.


Victorix said...

While Talisman Ring is not my favourite GH, it is still a good one. Those old Pan paperback covers are my childhood. Everyone in my family read Georgette Heyer including my dad (but then he was a shocking old romantic) and we had them all in that cover design. Mostly they were what my mum and dad and elder sister read whilst we were on holiday. I didn't get into them until a little later and then they became what I read on holiday.

Thanks for the nostalgia!

Sho said...

you're welcome! I came to her books very late - and immediately regretted not having read them before.

I think my favourite is Venetia - but that changes according to my mood.

Victorix said...

Venetia is very definitely my favourite, I think because the hero and heroine are never in doubt of each other. Also the evocation of finding a friend who is on the same wavelength is perfect.