Friday, 20 May 2011

The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith

This is a follow up to his phenomenally brilliant first novel, Child 44. This time Leo and his wife Raisa are trying their best to be good parents to their two adopted daughters who are not cooperating. And then Leo's past comes up to bite them...

It's set in 1959 in Soviet Russsia shortly after Stalin's death. Kruschev has made a Secret Speech in which he has denounced the excesses of Stalin's regime. This speech is, obviously, explosive and copies are distributed to schools and other places and everyone must read it. Leo is now the head of a homicide squad which is barely tolerated by the KGB but nevertheless it manages to investigate murders.

Which is where the story really gets going. A series of murders which seem to be connected leads us into the meat of the story and there I'm going to stop becuase it's just so brilliant that everyone must read it and find out for themselves!

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